Services offered

Academic clients

I can edit your books, articles, grant applications, book proposals, reports or any other piece of writing. I will make sure your meaning is clear, your sentences are elegant, grammatical and not too wordy, and your structure is logical. I will make suggestions to eliminate repetition and contradictions. I can give you advice on avoiding sexist language and colloquialisms, and communicating effectively with an international audience. I will make sure that your document is formatted consistently and follows requirements such as word length and referencing style. I will check that you have included a reference and page number whenever they are required and that all of the references you cite are included in your reference list. I can also provide advice about copyright issues.

If you are preparing an edited collection I can also make sure the style, formatting and spelling is consistent from chapter to chapter.

Most authors prefer to receive a Word document with tracked changes and comments. I can also mark-up a PDF or hard copy if you prefer.

When you have received publisher's proofs for one of your publications I can proofread it for you. I can also prepare an index.

Postgraduate students

Hiring an editor can greatly improve the clarity and readability of your thesis. An editor can help you produce a tidy and consistent thesis that will ensure the examiners are not distracted from your research.

According to the Australian Guidelines for Editing Research Theses, an editor can correct your grammar, spelling and punctuation, and offer suggestions to make your sentences clearer and easier to read. An editor can make sure your style is consistent and check your referencing. It is not an editor's job to make changes to improve the structure and substance of your thesis. This is your role, with the help of your supervisor. An editor can draw attention to problems such as repetition or gaps in logic, but should not re-write those sections for you. You also have a responsibility to check each editorial suggestion and make your own decisions about them.

Your supervisor must give permission for you to hire an editor, and you must acknowledge the editor's work in the front pages of your thesis.

Other clients

I can make your writing concise, clear and effective. I can help you communicate your message to your intended audience. I can make your presentation clear and consistent. And I can make sure your writing is free of errors that might detract from your message.